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We are an independent comparison website for increasingly popular online finance products: Binary Options, Forex trading, and Contract for Difference (CFD) trading. On our website, we present an extensive review of these trading instruments and explain how trading works by using them. We also provide useful information and tips regarding trading. We have put all the well-known brokers under the microscope and have evaluated them extensively. Our provider comparison is laid out clearly and is organized in a way that even a novice trader can easily find a broker that best suits their personal needs

What is Binary Options?

Binary Options (aka Digital a new type of online financial instrument and has become immensely popular among traders. As you might have guessed from the word “binary,” the term suggests two possible investment options of a trading: call option and put option. As a trader, you predict whether the price of assets (i.e., stock, currency, or commodity) will rise (call) or fall (put) within a certain time frame. If you predict successfully, you receive profit, and if not, you lose your investment. Each broker has a different rate for profit, but generally, it ranges from 65% to 85%. A number of brokers offer a loss coverage, which minimizes the impact of unsuccessful prediction.

Binary Options offers various advantages when compared with stock trading. It is ideal especially for a beginner because there are relatively few requirements concerning capital investment, functional knowledge, and minimum transaction fees. The process is quite simple: you predict call or put, and receive profit at the end of a trading period. It is also possible to trade on Binary Options by using assets such as shares, raw materials, currencies, and indices. Unlike stock trading which involves financial market institutes, you can trade directly with brokers on Over-The-Counter (OTC) trading. Trading through a broker’s trading platform is much easier than trading on stock trading because you would not need an enormous amount of capitals nor time. Within just a few clicks, you can start purchasing call and put. In other words, you can start earning money as quickly as within the first minute of your first trading.

What is Forex Trading?Mobile

Foreign Exchange Market (Forex) is the biggest financial market in the world: the average turnover is about $4 trillion per day. On Forex Trading, you can trade directly with market participants, and each participant uses different international currencies. Forex Trading, because of its relatively simple functions and lucrative profits, has gained enormous popularity. Market participants buy a certain country’s currency and sell it for others’. All futures (i.e., contracts traded on Forex) are traded in the form of a currency pair. Three of the most important currency pairs are the US Dollar (USD) against the Euro (EUR), the US Dollar (USD) against the Japanese Yen (JPY), and the Euro against the British Pound (GBP). The currency pairs are generally divided into majors and minors. The majors consist of the most important pairs while the minors consist of exotic pairs. Those who are new to Forex trading usually stick with majors in the beginning. The currency pair’s performance varies based on the supply and the demand from the market and is hugely influenced by politics, economy, and interest rates. You have two options to choose from: long (i.e., to buy) or short (i.e., to sell).

As opposed to stock trading, you can profit not only when you predict the rise in value, but also when you predict the fall in value in Binary Options. For example, you can profit when you successfully predict how two currencies perform against each other. Another example of advantages is that you can trade around the clock as people from all over the world participate at varying time. Due to its size, the Forex Market is also very solvent: the price gap on the Forex Market is relatively smaller than on the stock trading.

The most well-known currency pairs are renowned for their high volatility: it is not unusual to experience huge fluctuations within a short period of time. This is to say that you can expect enormous return or loss within a short second. The average return rate on the Forex Market is normally a lot higher than on stock trading. Also it is suitable for all sorts of investors due to its flexible trading volume. So to say, a beginner with a small amount of capitals, and experts with a large amount of investment can both profit from this type of trading.

What is CFD Trading?

Aside from Binary Options and Forex Trading, Contracts For Differences (CFDs) Trading is also a popular type of trading. TradingCFDs are very different from stock trading. Generally, you acquire real assets when trading with securities or raw materials. On CFD trading, however, a trader speculates on the performance development of various assets, which saves you deposit fees. Some of the most important base assets are raw materials, shares, indices and currencies.
CFD trading comes with a variety of advantages when compared with stock trading. Trading on CFD is relatively simple and is suitable for traders with varying levels of experiences and knowledge. You predict whether the performance will have an upward trend (go long) or a downward trend (go short). Another advantage CFD offers is its flexibility in terms of working hours and accessibility. Because you trade with providers (brokers) instead through financial market, you can trade virtually anytime you want to. This gives you full flexibility to work at your convenience. It is also possible to trade with some brokers through computer software, web browser, or mobile device.

One particularly important characteristic of CFD trading is financial leverage. Because the leverage on CFD is high, it is possible to make lucrative profits even with the relatively low transaction amount. Of course, this also means that huge loss can be expected. The higher the asset value gets, the higher the performance (of the CFD share) gets. Based on the current performance, you can receive a contract for differences in shares, raw materials, or currencies. If the value of an asset rises, you can sell your contract for profit. You can also invest in the fall in value and receive profit if you predict successfully. Generally, commission fees and rates on CFD trading are relatively lower than that of stock trading. In addition, it does not take long to start making huge profit or loss. There are few requirements, and the minimum investment values are relatively low: therefore, CFD is suitable for beginners.

How Can I Find a Suitable Broker?

Trading with Binary Options, Forex Currency trading, and CFDs at the moment clearly has gained more popularity than with stock trading. These trading instruments have relatively few requirements and thus are suitable for beginners. Trading is done exclusively through brokers and on their trading platform. The first step of trading is to find a broker that meets your need. There are a number of brokers on the market, which makes it extremely difficult to find an ideal broker.

Broker for Binary Options

There are a number of brokers for Binary Options due to its increasing popularity, and they are distinctive from one Baselineanother on many different points. First, your task as a trader is to learn a number of criteria before starting the search. The sheer volume of potential brokers can be overwhelming for a beginner if you have no idea what to watch out for. The minimum deposit and trading amounts, for exam ample, are definitely two of the most important criteria.
Most providers require a minimum of 100 US-Dollar deposit in order to start trading. This amount is relatively low and thus is ideal for beginners as well as for traders with relatively low capital to invest. The minimum transaction value per trade differs greatly from a broker to a broker. Depending on broker, this amount can be between 10 to 25 US-Dollar. As it is with the minimum deposit, it is better for beginners to start trading with lower transaction value.
Another important criteria is the amount of trading types, assets, and trading platform used by various brokers. The trading platform should be well designed so that it would be easy to browse. There are important criteria on brokers’ side as well. For example, it is important to see whether a broker provides resources like webinars, e-books and instructions. Brokers with exceptional and attentive customer service representatives are also ideal. Additionally, most brokers offer bonus and VIP programs to attract new customers. Although these bonus features are not as important as the aforementioned criteria, they can also be used as a criteria when choosing a broker.

5_SingupForex Broker

The first step of trading on Forex is also to find a provider; otherwise, you cannot proceed with trading. Given its popularity, there are plenty of brokers to choose from. Traders with more experiences may have a rough idea about what they look for in a broker, but it may not be an easy task for a beginner to browse through thousands of brokers. It may not be wise to settle with the first provider that you encounter; instead, consider the following criteria. For example, providers who work with so-called ”Market Maker Model” are particularly ideal for beginners. Another important criteria is potentially low transaction fees. The transaction fee is determined mainly by spreads (difference between a market price and a broker’s selling/buying prices). The most popular currency pairs’ average spread is between 0.8 to 1. The minimum deposit and leverage amount are also important factors. Many brokers require a minimum of 50 US-Dollar deposit for the first time. For a leverage rate of 1:100, for example, you can expect 10,000 pounds worth of trading capital when you invest 100 pounds on deposit. Broker’s trading platform is also important. Trading platform should employ a design with many different and useful functions so that it would be easy to navigate. Many brokers also offer a demo account, which allows you to trade free of charge without any risk. This certainly is a great feature for beginners. Due to the sheer volume of brokers, competition among them indeed is fierce. Because of this reason many brokers offer bonuses and extras. You can expect to receive monetary bonuses as well as improved trading conditions after a particular trading volume has been reached.

CFD Broker

Choosing a broker is an essential part of trading, and this is no exception for CFD trading. Currently, there are more than 100 brokers on the market, which makes it hard to filter out an ideal broker as it is for the aforementioned trading. The foremost important criteria when choosing a broker is a broker’s professionalism and seriousness. Because of authorities like Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) or Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) control brokers in Europe on a regular basis, European brokers tend to be very professional and serious. Working with professional and serious brokers, you are protected against potential fraud involving your capital and investment. Another important criteria is. Access to a free-to-use demo account and minimal initial deposit values are definitely great features as well. You can also tell whether a broker provides serious and transparent service just by glancing at their website and trading platform. Trading platform should be well designed and tailored to customers’ need so that it is easy to navigate. If you travel frequently, mobile trading apps might come in handy.

ResumeeIndividual Broker Comparison for Binary Options, Forex and CFDs

Our website not only provides helpful information, but also compares brokers of Binary Options, Forex, and CFDs. We have evaluated all the brokers on the market and examined the most important criteria so that a trader can make an informed decision. Traders can sort our comparisons based on their own preferences and criteria. With our up-to-date broker comparison, you can find the most ideal broker quickly.